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Throughout the year, the class will make several projects. We hope to present on the web site our computer projects as well as class projects.


PostcardExchange Collective Portfolio2

Alphabet Adventure Gallery

This project is an interactive internet site for kindergarten. This project involves over 30 kindergarten classes in the province. The goal of this project is to familiarize kindergarten students with the alphabet and to develop their Internet literacy skills by contributing to the creation of an interactive Web-based Alphabet "book". Every participating class will be assigned a letter to do with their class- we were assigned the letter C. One of the activities that we will do is to draw different pictures of things beginning with the particular letter assigned.

If you would like to see the project that was created in 2000-2001, go directly to our pictures, click here.


The site is now functional. You may visit the Aventure de l'alphabet.

Choose Abécédaires.   Go to the letter C.  Choose our class: Les oursons de Mme Chantal. Do not forget to click each individual picture. Click again on the enlarged picture and a surprise awaits you!

To go directly to our pictures, click here.

Have fun visiting the alphabet gallery site with your child. Go through each letter and explore.

You can also visit our class page associated with this project.  Choose Pages de Classes from the main menu.

La ronde des nombres

This project is a read-aloud book to practice the numbers 0 to 30.  The kindergarten students wrote and illustrated this book.  A multimedia presentation was made. 

To see the web site created for the project, please click here.  

Postcard Exchange

This project involves teachers across Canada- The Canadian Postcard Exchange. While there are several postcard exchanges originating in the United States, a teacher in BC set up a small Canadian exchange for mainly kindergarten classes. Canada is a pretty big country, even more so as seen through the eyes of a five year old. We thought what fun it would be, and how educational, to receive cards from many areas. Hopefully, we will get cards "from sea to shining sea" which would be fantastic.

We are hoping to participate again.

Collective Portfolio

Here is our giant collective portfolio.  We have our personal portfolios in class, but Mme Chantal decided to make a collective portfolio that belongs to all the students of the class. Throughout the year, we will add work we have done or projects we made.  Objects will be chosen by both Mme Chantal and the students.

Under each picture, you will find the reason why we decided to add this picture to our collective portfolio.  Please send us your comments or visit the guestbook to let us know what you think of our portfolio.

To visit the page, click here.


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